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Breakfast Is An Important Meal to Me.

Health Affirmation-Breakfast is an important meal to me.

BreakfastWhen I get up each morning, I begin my day with a routine. I get up, take a shower, and after that, I sit down to eat a full breakfast. Before I head off to face the day, I fuel up well.

I take time to eat a healthy breakfast every day because it is the most important meal of the day. How I begin my morning has the ability to influence the rest of my day. If I start out calmly, I feel at ease the entire day.

I set my alarm early enough to give myself time to prepare a hearty breakfast and also to sit down and enjoy my food. I always avoid eating on the go because it prevents me from fully digesting my food.

Throughout the day, I feel alert and full of energy because I wake up my brain with a nutritious breakfast...

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