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I Allow Tension to Leave my Body Right Away

TensionMy body is an open channel where tension flows freely. I am open and unresisting, and I know tension and negative thoughts do not control me. They merely are passing through as quickly as they arrived.

Whatever I nurture becomes a part of me. It expands, grows, and puts down roots. Because I nurture peace, I am confident that it will increase within me.

I am unafraid of stressful thoughts and feelings. Tension has no traction in my life because I let it flow through me and away. This makes room for more peaceful thoughts. Peace and tension cannot co-exist. Whatever I nurture will thrive.

Because I choose to nurture peace, I create an inner atmosphere conducive to improved health and creativity. I see no purpose in harboring tension. Instead, I let it flow away from me.

I take a moment to be alone and relax when I feel the tension rising within me. I close my eyes and let my thoughts drift through my mind like clouds in a summer sky. I follow none of them; I only allow them to pass through.

I know that my natural state is one of calmness and peace, and that, given the opportunity, my mind will return to this state. I let go and allow myself to return to the state of peace and harmony that my Creator instilled in me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I nurture peace or tension?
2. How do I respond when I feel the tension rising?
3. How can I set up opportunities to relax and return to my naturally calm state?

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